Wood end elementary School

This project involved the development of a new 404 student K-5 elementary school located on an 11-acre Town-owned site in Reading Massachusetts. The project scope included building siting, parking and circulation design, layout and coordination of all site improvements, grading design, and planting design.  The locations of all the proposed site elements (building, parking/drives, athletic fields) were carefully selected with respect to locations of wetlands, ledge, and topography; proximity to abutting residential areas; access routes to the site (both vehicular and pedestrian); and on-site circulation and elemental relationships (parking and drives are located between the building and the athletic fields for access to both).  The site plan sought to reduce the impacts associated with development by minimizing to the best extent practicable the amount of forest removal, ledge removal and grading.  The building was sited so as not to disturb any existing wetlands, with the classroom wing facing south for maximum energy efficiency and access to the wetland area and outdoor classrooms.  In order to fit all programmatic elements onto the severely constrained site, a terraced, accessible retention basin was developed which also doubled as outdoor play space.  Responsibilities also included filing an Environmental Notification Form with the State Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

Citation of Excellence - Learning by Design 2006

WDA Principal Michael Dowhan served as Project Manager and Project Landscape Architect for the Wood End Elementary School while serving as Associate Principal at Geller Associates.  Project responsibilities included schematic design, design development, final design, and overall project management.







Location: Reading, Massachusetts
Client: RIDOT and City of Warwick
Completion Date: 2017


WDA Design Group
   Michael Dowhan
   Erik Vangsness
Gordon R. Archibald, Inc., Coordinating Consultant
Antonio P. Franco, Lighting Consultant


Landscape Architecture