orchard square 

WDADG worked closely with a local developer to prepare multiple schematic feasibility studies for a new multi-use retail development located on Route 110, adjacent to Interstate 495, in Westford, MA. WDADG assisted the developer in deciding the most appropriate site design and further advanced the project by preparing all necessary permitting documents for submission to the Town.  Specifically, the project includes the construction of 7,000 square foot, 250-seat restaurant, 8,000 square feet of attached retail space, and a stand-alone 3,000 square foot bank with an attached drive-through facility.  The site design responded to the goals and objectives for the Commercial Highway District as outlined in the Westford Comprehensive Plan by providing many pedestrian friendly amenities, significant landscaping and stonewalls. WDADG responded to numerous site constraints, including a wetland resource area and associated buffer directly across Route 110, a high seasonable water table, and steep slopes and rock outcroppings towards the rear of the site.  Overall, the project will provide for a myriad of potential retail uses within a pedestrian-scale center and serve as a design template for future retail developments in the Town.



Location: Westford, Massachusetts
Client: RIDOT and City of Warwick
Completion Date: 2017


WDA Design Group
   Michael Dowhan
   Erik Vangsness
Gordon R. Archibald, Inc., Coordinating Consultant
Antonio P. Franco, Lighting Consultant


Landscape Architecture