Blackstone highlands 

Working cooperatively with the Towns of Sutton and Grafton in forging new flexible zoning enabling creation of a 120-acre/400 unit Continued Care Retirement Community, new housing opportunities to meet the special needs of our aging population were created. From the projects' inception, WDADG played a key role, providing land planning and feasibility analysis services to assist the client in assembling properties necessary to achieve project goals. WDADG provided project management, collaborating with architectural, legal, traffic, MEPA, fire protection, and geotechnical consultants to develop project plans and special permit applications. Full-range services including survey, wetlands evaluation, civil engineering, landscape architecture, open space planning and public presentations were provided for this ambitious project. The international investors secured financial commitments for development and construction based on the completed permitting plans.




Location: Westborough, Massachusetts
Client: RIDOT and City of Warwick
Completion Date: 2017


WDA Design Group
   Michael Dowhan
   Erik Vangsness
Gordon R. Archibald, Inc., Coordinating Consultant
Antonio P. Franco, Lighting Consultant


Landscape Architecture